Starting in 2019 with a small inventory of toys, collectibles, backpacks & accessories in a storage unit, 41 South Collectibles has quickly grown into one of Tampa Bay’s top independent vendors of pop culture collectibles, often being first to market with some of the most sought after releases in the collectibles market.

While our presence online has been key to our success, the vast majority of our business is conducted at our physical shop, located at 1707 1st St. #140 in Bradenton, Florida, just half an hour south of Tampa & north of Sarasota.

Unlike anonymous flippers that use bots to buy out the entire inventory of in-demand collectibles from chain retailers only to sell them on Mercari or eBay at exorbitant resale prices to collectors like you without ever having to look you in the eye, we put a premium on face-to-face interaction & building a community of likeminded collectors & enthusiasts in person.

41 South Collectibles specializes in top brands like Funko, Bandai/Banpresto, Pokémon, Loungefly, BiOWORLD & more!

If you have any questions about our shop or our inventory please browse the site, visit us in person or contact us using any of the platforms listed at the bottom of this page.


Stickers - All Funko products have the appropriate stickers mentioned in the description. If it is listed as a Funko Shop Exclusive or HT Exclusive, the product you receive will have a Funko Shop or HT sticker.

Any Funko item with a silver international “Special Edition” sticker will be listed as such. You will never receive an item advertised as a retailer exclusive without that retailer’s exclusive sticker.

Condition - The vast majority of our stock is separated between what is sold online & what is sold in-store. This means that most items sold online have never been on our in-store shelves. There are exceptions, but any potential shelfware will be clearly noted in the product description.

Most of our products are shipped to us directly from distributors, however as we seek to bring you the widest selection of curated products, some have been purchased in store or are part of collections we have acquired. The condition of the product you receive is the condition in which it was received by us & any potential imperfections will be clearly noted in the product description.

Returns/Refunds/Exchanges - As we are a small, independently-owned business, returns are handled on a case by case basis. If you feel a product has been grossly misrepresented in the description, please contact us via any of the contact methods mentioned below and we will be happy to work with you. 

We strive to ensure our products arrive to our customers in the best condition possible. Funko POPS will be shipped in cardboard sorters and no amount of bubble wrap will be spared to secure your merchandise. That said, there are always risks involved with shipping fragile merchandise. If you would like additional shipping insurance, please contact us before purchasing.

With regard to packaging/product imperfections, 41 South Collectibles abides by the same policy as the Funko website and other Funko retailers. Small imperfections may occur during shipping. Any pre-existing imperfections in product or product packaging will be noted on the product page with additional images so our customers can make the informed decision on whether or not to purchase from us. In the event that we have multiples of the same item, we will always hand select the highest quality item to ship to you.


ADDRESS: 1707 1st St. #140, Bradenton, FL 34208

PHONE: (941) 518.7263 [please text first]

E-MAIL: 41southcollectibles@email.com

INSTAGRAM: @41southcollectibles